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Welcome to Chris place !!!

Hello. This is my personal home page on the Internet. I decided to write this page so that I can find everything I need in a matter of seconds without to have searching the net all the time. This way I have them all in one single site, and moreover to let my interests available to the public to whom i think will find attractive.

These pages have many interesting links that worth visiting them and also many personal items about my friends and me. If you like this page please give me a feedback about how can I change it and make it better.

Please sign my quest book. Another way to contact me is by MSN Messenger. If you like chatting with me online you can install the MSN Messenger Service.

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope that you 'll find usefull.

:: site updates ::

6/11/2001 - more new stuff

5/11/2001 - new stuff

4/11/2001 - Site under construction

3/11/2001 - A new project initiated

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